PHONK BELLS - Herrmutt Lobby

The PHONK BELLS is a drum synth engine, something in between a cowbell and a synth. The sounds are a detuned stacked fifth on 4 pads.

This instrument has 10 variations of the engine that can be selected. It also has an fx chain where you can change the pitch for each pad, tweak the filters, or add some color to the sound.


Adding more cowbell


  1. Use the beat amp modulation to alter the amplitude of the bell according to the note position in a beat.

  2. Using Phonk Bells with connections:
    Connect the Phonk Bells pitch envelope with instruments such as the mini sampler. Now when you change the pitch envelope you can hear it is affected by playing the mini sampler.

  3. Connect a kick to the “+0 oct” action input (no transposition) and a snare to the “-1 oct” action input. Now when you tap the snare, you will hear the Phonk Bells drop an octave when playing. Then when you tap the kick, it will reset the Phonk Bells to its original pitch. You could also make it go up or down two octaves as well.