About the Instruments category

Discover more about the instruments you’ll find in the BEATSURFING Browser.

Instruments are the secret sauce of BEATSURFING. Their key element is their ability to connect to each other and build interactions. Which leads to wonderful surprises in sound and dynamic expression.

In this category, posts are specific to each instrument to help everyone to use it at its best.
Learn the difference between each instrument, how to use and tweak it and which artist collaborated on its elaboration. And share your way of using it !

Each instrument is explained through a mini video tutorial.
Go check the page details.

What’s the difference between Free & Premium instrument ?


A free instrument can be used by everyone fully. Meaning, you can drag and drop it and tweak it as you want.


A premium instrument can be used by everyone BUT only unlocked users can tweak it as they want. Free users will be able to drag and drop it but only to use it as it is.